Digital Data Collection an Inevitable Marketing Tool

Digital Data Collection an Inevitable Marketing Tool

The very reason for marketing is to increase sales of a company. However, companies have not been able to measure the right metrics that can measure the impact of the marketing campaigns they run on sales. With increased globalization and entry of multinational companies coupled with cheap imports, competition is tough, calling for more aggressive marketing by companies to neutralize it.

This situation is further complicated in the case of FMCGs who rely on retailers to get their products to consumers therefore, the retailers possess that direct relationship with the consumers and the granular level data about the purchase of products that comes with it. Further the ephemeral nature of FMCG products, i.e , they are consumed so quickly and consumer trends change so rapidly that the companies don’t get a chance to get feedback on how well their products work or how popular they are with their customers.

To solve this problem SaapCRM has been developed to collect real-world purchase-based customer data that is collected in real-time to enable management to make data based decisions and contains direct metrics that can show the impact of marking on sales.

The key to customer loyalty is to harness this data collected and personalize marketing content via target market segmentation. The powerful analytics in this platform are helping in segmentation of the target audience helps in effective email marketing which is one of the most effective marketing strategies.

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