SaapCRM: Solution provider to FMCG companies

SaapCRM: Solution provider to FMCG companies

The most common challenge facing most fast moving consumer goods companies (FMCG) is the lack of a reliable system of monitoring their marketing and supply systems.
Manual processes are still in use in most companies here in Kenya. The use of such old-fashioned systems leads to slow movement of goods and crucial data and information needed by managers to make important business decisions.

In most Kenyan FMCG companies, most managers end up using wrong information to make crucial decisions for their companies. This can be disastrous. Take for instance, a manager sending out the data collection clerks, to go out there to the companies’ retailers and gather data on the commodities in stock. The guy will leave the office with a biro-pen and a notebook for recording each and every stock. This will revolve around depleting stocks and areas which are not well supplied or areas with newer branches.
Pen and paper data collection can be hectic and always ends up slowing down the whole process of using the data collected to make decisions for the companies. It takes a lot of time.
Some of the clerks sent out can even skive the whole data collection process and just play foul games of duplicating their previous records since it’s always difficult for the managers to tell the difference in the data given due to the large number of outlets.

Clerks sent to collect the data also end up lying to their managers about where they are in terms of geographical location of the outlets. These are some of the unfortunate challenges that face the FMCG companies here in Kenya and also in other east African countries. The slow process of collecting the data, having to move around and back to the main office to key-in the collected data costs the company a lot of money and precious time. The time a clerk uses to move to and from the headquarters to get the data and back to key it in the companies’ computers is a lot. It can take a week or two to accomplish a job that can be done in a day or hours.

Now, Trendpro Systems Kenya brings you the solution to these challenges to managers and data collection clerks. A software (SaapCRM) which was developed by Trendpro systems in 2014, encompasses solutions to the above mentioned problems.
SaapCRM enables real time sending of pictures of outlets and data collection and submission from the field directly to the headquarters with a click of a button. The software comes in packages of android mobile apps and PC software which clients can buy and use to automate the whole process of data collection and processing in their companies. It’s good for start-up companies which do not have the resources for hundreds of workers.
Clerks can feed in data collected and submit it to their offices where the manager can access it in real time in the back-end. This saves a lot of time for both the manager and the data collection clerks; they don’t have to move back and from the headquarters to submit their handwritten data. The data collected using SaapCRM is in softcopy and thus it saves the time that could have been used to key it in the systems.
A difficult challenge to solve especially when dealing with cheeky employees is the one whereby workers end-up missing work. SaapCRM enables you to track your workers geographically. The Mobile application installed in the workers’ mobile devices enables the managers to track them and thus they are able to tell where they are at any given time.

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