Remote development for software companies means that a part of software developers are located in another country or work remotely. Remote development team helps to expand your development centers and hire more talented developers to your company.

Remote software development team could mean any of the following things:
- A team working in any building but HQ
- A team that doesn't work in an office., may be from a home office, but still paid by the same company (coming to the office only for important meetings / presentations).
- A team working on a project outsourced by a different company.
- A team with only contract employees

Remote development teams have become quite frequent. Both the companies and the team members see the advantages of remote work and many love it. For the company, a remote team means reduced costs, as it can save on office rent and hardware. For the team members, working remotely means more freedom in choosing the time and place for working.
No matter whether the team is remote or in-house, the product must be delivered on time and must be of top quality. Therefore, team leaders and project managers should find ways to set up effective remote teamwork to ensure timely and consistent delivery.

Tools that are used by remote development teams fall under the following three categories:
- Collaboration tools
- Communication tools
- Monitoring tools

This group includes the tools that a remote team can use to work together on a project.

1.] Confluence
Used to create and maintain a company’s knowledge base. Confluence is a great place to store the project documentation – where notes, descriptions, and roadmaps can be created.
2.] Jira
Helps you set up sprints, create and assign tasks, build a hierarchy of the things to be done within the project scope, track task completion.
3.] Proofhub
It helps to plan projects, collaborate on them, organize files and documents, create reports and submit time sheets.

1.] Zoom
Zoom belongs to remote conference tools rather than chatting tools. Its primary purpose is video conferencing, and this is where Zoom is definitely among the best. With Zoom, you can hold team meetings, training, webinars, and demonstrations.
2.] Slack
Slack is an instant messaging tool that many development companies use. It supports direct messages, group chats, voice calls with screen sharing.

1.] TimeDoctor
TimeDoctor records the time spent on each activity and summarizes its records in reports.
2.] Toggl
Toggl can be connected to over 100 web applications and starts logging time as soon as one of them is opened. That makes time tracking very easy for busy developers who do not want to remember to start logging.

There are a lot of tools, both free and paid, that can help a remote team to function and deliver quality products.

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