Product testing, also called consumer testing is a process of measuring the properties or performance of software products. Product testing seeks to ensure that consumers can understand what the software products will do for them and which products are the best value.

95% of software product launches fail often because a brand pushes them to launch without stopping to find out if the product is something people actually want. Even the most experienced decision-makers struggle to make the right calls without input from their target audience.

Software product testing can help you find a concept that meets your goals and resonates with your audience. With a product concept test, you can gauge customer sentiment and find the proven winners in a pool of different product ideas.

Software product testing gives your target audience a range of options and asks them to provide feedback on each one. With software product testing, you can compare metrics like purchase intent, quality, and value to find out which product concepts customers like best.

1.] It’s easier to convince others to back your software product concept.
Testing proves which software products resonate most with your target audience, which helps you pick clear winners and persuade other stakeholders to get behind those choices.

2.] Helps you know which features (or potential features) are great and which would need improvement.
Maybe your audience liked one software product best, but thought a simpler variation of that software product was more useful. Or maybe they loved a software product, but had concerns about privacy. You can use this information to combine the best features of each option and bundle them all into one great product.

3.] Helps you know where your software product concept resonates.
By filtering your responses, you can see how different groups (age, gender, location, etc.) feel about your software product concepts. This information helps you match your product with an ideal market.

4.] Frequent testing helps you react to change quickly.
By frequently collecting data through agile market research surveys sent to a sample of your target consumers on a regular basis your business can make informed decisions without relying on data from third-party insights organizations. This helps you react more quickly to changes in your market.

Product testing fits into the product life cycle in that, product testing belongs to the development and growth stages of the software product life cycle, when you’re testing new product ideas and adding new inventory.

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