Things you need to know to create a successful Product Design

Product design begins when one visualizes a certain material and makes appropriate calculations to see if the contemplated ideas are practical to meet requirements or solve the problems of the end-users.

Your very first desire as a product designer is to know your users best.Below are some of practices you should keep in mind to create a successful product design:

Focus on the Product not the Design
Digital products are not about design. You should focus more on bringing more meaning and value through the interfaces. Yet when delivering thoughtful experiences through sleek looks and feels for end users, discover the business requirements and expectations. Desiring to increase its effectiveness and income , every business tries to produce the best result within minimal timelines and costs.

Become the user’s advocate
Your very first desire as a product designer should be knowing your end users best. This can be done through user surveys, interviews, etc. However on the other side, you are also engaged with your business which expects you to improve the product in a way that helps generate more income. Here you need to balance between the available resources, time frames etc, in order to come up with the best product from the users perspective.

Leverage the power of user stories
User stories become powerful only when they resonate with one’s needs and wants. This brings satisfaction and leaves a deep emotional impact on the users. Did you know that the best way to make your product design effective is bringing satisfaction and evoking positive emotions is storytelling? Well, now you know.

Use landing pages, post sign up mail and onboarding process to convey the history that will show users how your product can help them.

Do not forgot about design
You have already figured out your user’s needs, pain points and the business requirements. So what next? Time to come up with a quality interface for your product. Your interface will be the meeting point of the business goals and needs of the target audience.
According to Dieter Rams, “ A good design is as little design as possible.”

In creating the interfaces:-
Ensure easy navigation
Focus on layout consistency
Ensure adaptive design
Ensure Visual clarity
Any good interface does not raise questions. It only gives answers.

Ask questions
Lack of internal communication is the worst thing that might happen in product development. The product designer should be that one guy who sticks their noses everywhere to guarantee the best outcome. Reaching out potential and existing users to be aware of their needs is an ongoing process that will help you come up with new ideas and insights.

Curious to know more?
“Measuring the User Experience: Collecting, Analyzing and Presenting Usability metrics,” by William Albert (Amazon)

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