Difference between Product Design and UX Design

With such a broad and ever-growing spectrum of design roles currently on the scene, the comparison between UX design and Product Design is frequently hashed out. The two concepts are used interchangeably. In order to get a comprehensive insight into the difference between a Product Design and UX Design.

Product Design focuses more on business requirements during their process more in regards to offering. For instance , a product designer may ask this during the development process; Does this experience align with where the company’s product and business wants?
The UX design could on the other side as: How will this experience benefit our usability problems and our users?

While the UX Design definitely has the user’s needs at the forefront of his solutions, the Product Design always has the business requirements in mind while designing as well.

UX Designer is a strong advocate for the user. Whereas the Product Designer is not only advocating for the users but also an advocate for the company and the organization. Their business minds are sharp and their knowledge of the domain in which they work is very deep.

It may not be clear where the Product Design and UX Design begin to differ because they are interdependent and make use of similar tools to execute their tasks. A Product Design can be able to perform tasks related to UX Design and vice versa.

The difference between two concepts of design will, however, differ from organization to another given that different organizations have different needs and goals.

In conclusion, despite the blanket approach on this matter there is one clear thing about these two; as technology continues to grow and change with time, the design thinking process used when conducting design or UX design continues to be mostly non-linear, making the distinction between the two even more blurry because of rapid change.

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