Importance of product prototyping

Whatever the item a company intends to produce, creating a prototype is crucial to the design process. A prototype is an early sample or mock up of the product you intend to build.a prototype is a quick model explaining the actual plans for the final product.

It could be something as simple as hand-drawn sketches, integrated together to demonstrate the product to a fully functional product which the users and stakeholders can feel and use.

Following are reasons why prototyping is important. Let's get into them;
Evaluating and testing the design
By creating a prototype, it is possible to sit down with a real; version of the product and determine which aspects are worthwhile and which parts need to be revised or discarded. In this process, it may be possible to find the glaring omissions that on paper, were not noticeable. It will also help you test your product before it is launched.

Selling the product to others
It is easier to sell to potential customers when they have a prototype to hold and manipulate at a marketing presentation. It is difficult to get a potential client to commit to the purchase of a concept without a prototype . with a prototype in hand, the concept instantly becomes real.

Encourages collaboration
Prototypes can get everyone involved early in the process. Your clients and employees can have a rough review of what you are going to build for them and can provide you with feedback and decisions before you make big commitments that would take a lot of time to revise later on. Your teammates can offer feedback and share their concerns before the design is finished.

Challenges you to come up with new ideas
Each stakeholder and user has his own vision on the product that needs to be implemented and wish the vision to be found in the final product.

Presenting the prototype helps you gauge all the ideas and gives to the beneficiary the possibility to see the product from another perspective, to see it materialized and to provide feedback focused on the desired details on what they had in mind.

Feedback is essential to find out what the needs and expectations of the users are, the requirements of the business and to have a clear idea of the direction in which the product is heading.

In conclusion, the best way to reach the final level with minimum rework relies within prototyping and user testing. Do not believe in any guesses and don’t skip the prototyping process.

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