What makes a good product vision

A product vision represents the core essence of its product or product line. It also sets the direction for where a product is headed or the state for what a product will deliver in future. It serves as the north star for every action taken to enhance the product; if adding a feature will not help achieve its vision, then the value of that feature would be diminished.

To write and share a strategic vision, you must start with your product’s end users in mind. A strong product vision is supported by the details of the target audience, what they need, etc. some people neglect building a product vision calling it just a bunch of nice unrealistic statements that nobody will care about.

The truth is, if done right, a team can define the product’s goals, create a strategy to reach them, come up with tactics and break it down to the daily tasks they need to fulfil to get closer to the vision.

To create a good product vision, first sit down and brainstorm on what problems or pain customers face and how the product solves them or what the product should achieve. more so, invite teammates or other stakeholders who can contribute to the bigger picture by providing professional knowledge, passion or visionary skills. Developers, designers, researchers or market people can fit here.

A good product vision does not have to turn into a 20 page bible. An ideal product vision should be:
Broad and engaging - it should depict a higher picture that everyone can relate to and that inspires people to give their best to make it happen.

Insightful - graft the idea based on the user needs and motives and define the main reason behind the product’s existence.

Clear and stable- every participant should find it easy to understand, so avoid empty phrases that do not say anything.

Short and sweet - it should get straight to the point

A lot of startups and young/ early stage companies fail because the product vision is not clearly defined, not aligned with other stakeholders and not appropriately set to remind everyone of it.

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