Product strategy vs. product roadmap

Product strategy is the path that organizations choose to take in order to achieve idealized future products. It is intended to describe how the organization, or product team,intends to achieve a desired future state. It provides high-level context for a set of activities or milestones that are to be pursued and strives to be directionally correct.

The product roadmap is the high-level steps required to build a paceship that meets the requirements of the product strategy, which in turn is fulfilling the company vision. Roadmaps are a set of plans and instructions that get you close to achieving laid out in your product strategy.

While the product strategy is the reason you are creating the product, a product roadmap acts as a bridge between the product strategy and the actual tactical product development projects that are undertaken in pursuit of attaining the product goals.

The product strategy ensures effective alignment between business goals and defines the path the product is taking to reach an idealized future state. The product roadmap differs from the product strategy as roadmap activities highlight current and near-term tactical development activities that ideally support the product strategy and the overarching business goals.

The product strategy defines who your product is trying to solve the problems the product is trying to address and how you are going to monetize your product. The product roadmap sets the plans and instructions that get you close to achieve the goals laid out in your product strategy.

In conclusion, in mobile app development, you should tie your product roadmap to your product strategy. The tiered system of defining goals and planning products enables a series of checkpoints for everything that uses your organization’s precious resources.

If what you are doing on the roadmap does not directly tie back to something specific in the strategy, then you have to question why you are doing it at all.

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