Importance of Cloud-driven mobile apps

The number of mobile apps available for download on different app store is growing at an extremely high rate.

According to research, there are more than 5 million apps available between the Apple Play Store and Google play store. Cloud driven applications are on the rise and it is good news that the industry is on the right track.

Developers who migrate to cloud platform will be soon as leaders who are far ahead of the curve. The most important reason why cloud driven mobile apps are trending are discussed as below:

Cloud platforms reduces risks
There is a unique nature that exists within the cloud framework. One of the core ways to understand this is that the cloud has many ways to save a particular or specific data in specific location or if need be standalone location. Compared to traditional hosting, cloud platforms reduces the risk of losing data.

Improved security
There is a misconception about cloud storage that they are less secured compared to offline storage. But in reality, cloud based applications are comprehensively more secured when compared to other means of storage since they are protected using firewall to prevent intrusion.

Reduced cost
Cloud applications can reduce costs. In cloud applications you can reduce costs through virtualization which makes it easy to maintain the application. Cloud driven apps also reduce the development time. Cloud platforms such as Google, Amazon web services and Microsoft show greater time showing and efficiency.

Drives workflows
Research reports have shown that cloud IP business traffic is likely to grow at a compound rate. The mobile application on the cloud is digitally driving workflow. The cloud is enabling glue for the emerging enterprise model therefore designing and developing Custom Apps on the cloud future proofs the entire work system. From

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