Using email campaigns to market and promote your app

An email campaign is a coordinated set of individual messages that are deployed across a specific period of time with one specific purpose, for example sign up, download a white paper, etc. Each email requires a well-written subject line, focused content and a specific call to action to achieve the campaign's goal. Email campaigns are often sent through email service providers such as campaign Monitor.

Email marketing campaigns can be used to build trust with the customers over time to turn them into repeat customers. It is an important way to keep your customers about new sales or promotion you're running. People want to be informed about your brand and having email campaigns is one of the best ways to stay engaged with that audience.

Did you know that 94% of internet users use email? Hence, marketing through email allows you to reach a great deal of internet users even if they are not on social media platforms.

Below are some reasons why you should use email campaigns to promote and market your mobile app;
Measurability and flexibility- with analytics available today, it is easier to track responses to your emails exactly, in order to determine which part of your campaign is working and what parts are not working. This will help you to react to modify your campaign if necessary.

Cost effective- email marketing is cheap. Whether you do it for yourself or through email marketing agency, marketing to thousands of consumers via email is going to cost tiddlywinks compared to other channels of advertising.

Success- emails can be targeting especially to the ideal consumers. With this concept in mind along with cost effective, it is no wonder that email marketing’s ROI often blows other direct marketing strategies out of water. The only trick is that you have to get it right.

Remember a campaign is rarely-if-ever a one-time email. It is a way to reach out to a prospect, subscriber or customer multiple times in a strategic systematic approach. So pick a campaign idea or brainstorm a few ideas of your own and get emailing. From

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