Submitting your mobile apps on app marketplace (Google Play Store)

Did you know that all applications should be built according to the requirements that Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store provide? If you want your app submission to go smoothly, you must follow these requirements. If you don't follow them, your app may be rejected. It is important to get acquainted with the reasons why apps get rejected in order to safeguard your development and avoid app rejection.

Testing your app throughly is always the most important thing you should do before submitting it to the marketplace. For Android apps, there are tools necessary for testing your app. So make sure you make use of them fully. You can use an emulator to test your app but it is most preferable to use an actual Android-powered device as this will give you a complete feel of your app on a physical device.

Before submitting your app, you may think about using the Android Marketing facility available to developers. Though it is beneficial to you especially if you intend to develop a paid app for the Android Market ,licensing your Android app lets you gain full legal control on your app.

Incase your app uses MapView elements, you will have to register in advance for maps Api key. For this reason, you have to register your app with Google Maps services so as to be able to retrieve data from Google Maps.

It is also very necessary that you remove all backup files, log files and other unnecessary data from your app before submitting it to the Android market. Moreover , make sure that you turn off the debug feature.

Assigning a version number for your app before submitting it to the market place on Google Play Store is also very crucial. Plan this number ahead of time, so that you can appropriately number each subsequent updated version of your app in the future.

Once you are through with the compilation process, you can go ahead and sign your app with your private key. Make sure that you commit no errors during this sining process. Make sure that your app works with all the authentication and server-side processes as stipulated by you. From

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