Why continuous integration is important in software development

Did you know that one way to improve the workflow in software development is through continuous integration? The efficiency of a software development workflow is the difference between a faulty application system and a full functional one. Continuous Integration is a way to increase code quality without putting an extra burden on the developers. Through continuous integration, tests and checks on your code are handled on a server and automatically reported back to you.

Below are various reasons why continuous integration in software development is crucial:
Increases your code coverage
Through continuous integration you can check your code for test coverage every time you commit something new without any tests, you will feel the shame that comes with having your coverage percentage go down because of your change.

Increases productivity
A well-oiled continuous integration pipeline helps to respond to the market changes better. Bug fixes are faster and productivity translates to happy clients and they become more engaged with the software development project.

Fully functional increment
When integration happens frequently in software product development it automatically makes sure that the different roles and functions on the team are actually placed in a position to be able to deliver or create a consistent output at the end of each iteration.

Reduced test costs
Automated testing and design by tests not ensure reduced manual efforts but at the same time makes the team in software development process realize the real value of continuous integration and the benefits of having a good automated tests, both unitary and acceptance.

Moreover, continuous integration in software development inspires transparency and accountability across your team.the results your tests should be displayed on your build pipeline. If a build passes, that increases the confidence of the team. Just like code review, testing should be a transparent process among the team members. From www.trendpro.co.ke

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