Benefits of productivity metrics in software development

Software development productivity is the ratio between the functional values of the software produced to the efforts and expense required for development. The productivity metrics you choose in the software development should be;
The goal of using the precise software development analytics and metrics is to identify and control what can affect software development and the project as a whole. Using the software development metrics contributes to the following:-

Better product outcomes
Contributes to the simplified workflows and consistent discovery of new insights that can improve existing products life cycles. You can be able to spot the common bottlenecks, take the immediate actions and deploy better code, faster and at a lesser cost.

Improves the software developer's performance
Productivity metrics for the software development clarify performance expectations. Your teams remains engaged as they know exactly what is expected of them at work. Metrics communicate your expectations and show you how to measure developer’s productivity without bias. Moreover, these productions metrics for the software development helps you identify what factors can hinder effectiveness of your team and eliminate them , which can ultimately lead to a higher happier, high-performing team.

Helps in precise project planning
Project managers and team can obtain more insights into the projects and predict the possible outcomes with higher precise. For instance, they are able to estimate:-
What does each process cost? You can estimate the costs to collect requirements, the cost to specify and design the system, along with the cost to develop and test it. This way you can understand the contribution of each activity to the total cost and establish better priorities.
Is the process effective? Estimate how frequently and concisely are you delivering new units, assess the effect of new changes and set charges for process and product improvements.

In conclusion, to precisely measure software productivity, quantify individual input and pay attention to agile software metrics that really matter. From

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