Importance of agile-process metrics in software development

Did you know that agile metrics are crucial part of an agile software development process? They help software teams monitor productivity across workflow stages, asses quality as well introduce more clarity to the development process. Metrics in agile software development can also help track their teams well being.

There are various metrics that can be useful for the majority of agile teams. They are quantitative measurements of a software product or project which can help management understand software performance, quality or the productivity and efficiency of the software teams.

Agile quality metrics
It helps to assess the quality of the software product your teams is building as well as predict whether the users will be satisfied with its quality. It helps to identify the number of bugs after a build or release enters production. Using escaped defects metrics helps the teams asses the level of software quality, although in a rather raw form. This is one of the agile quality merits you should consider using.

Agile productivity metrics
These Metrics helps to assess team’s productivity in completing stories and tasks. The many useful agile productivity metrics will also help you predict the productivity of your teams, prevent bottlenecks and track the unexpected changes to the scope.

Agile velocity
Software development velocity is a measure of delivered value by the team. Delivered is typically described as the number of features completed within a period that are ready to ship or ready to test. When the teams refer to their velocity, they often mean average velocity, which is computed across several intervals to establish a trend.

Lead time
Lead time measures the total time from the moment a story enters the system, until it is completed or released to the customers. It measures the total time for a requirement to be realized and start earning value - the speed of your value chain. Team morale is another way to assess the well-being of members of agile software development. Measuring team morale is a more subtle, team and task oriented way susceptible to changes in mood. From

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