Technical risks in software product development

Challenges of technical risks assessment are difficult to address, while its success can benefit software development companies appreciably, technical risk is the degree of uncertainty on the magnitude of the difference between the actual and optimal design solutions where the magnitude of difference is measured either by internal merits of software quality, time, cost or design.
Technical risks intimidate the quality and timeline of the software to be developed. If a technical risk becomes a reality, implementation of the software product may become difficult or impossible.

Technical risks are associated with the functionality of the software or with respect to the software performance. In order to compensate for the excessive budget overruns and time overruns, companies sometimes reduce the functionality of the software. Software testing is a downstream stage in the software development lifecycle and as the software development falls behind schedule, downstream activity times are shrunk in order to meet delivery dates which result in insufficient software testing.

Every software development is a unique case and the effectiveness of overcoming its issues is the task that relies on the programmers qualification. The quite common source of technical risk in software development is to make one man finish somebody else’s job. The developers trying to make changes or fixes in the unknown code will make the relatively big amount mistakes until they get deeper into the details of the task. Even if the damage of one mistake is minor, a big number of such mistakes can be critical fact for the project.

The more structured the software project is, the more clear is its source code and documentation, the less time developers spend for getting familiar with it. Statistics indicate that the project support and maintenance is performed by upto 10 generations of the developers. For the project to have a clear structure, all construction stages should be aimed at simplification.

This activity includes building the best project modules, classes, etc. ignoring the complexion minimization leads not only to the issues with the new man next to the old code but with its common writing. In general, proper and correct application of the assessment methods and software development risk management can significantly improve the quality and safety of the development at relatively moderate costs. From

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