Software development project management risks.

Did you know that even the most carefully planned software development projects can run into trouble? No matter how well you plan, your projects can always encounter unexpected problems. The main question before the software development is; what the problem is the software product trying to solve? The software product development challenge may be lack of the project sponsor.

Without full commitment at the leadership level, a project will flounder. This can occur when there are many projects in a portfolio competing priorities and resources. Clear ownership and support are necessary to focus resources within the project or with other supporting teams. Provide assessment forums where the management and the development teams can identify open issues and other alternative solution to spur decision-making and acceptance.

Multiple people as the project managers or no real project manager at all can lead to project management risks.when a committee attempts to function as the project project managers, it is unlikely to succeed.while in theory it may be possible for this arrangement to work, there may be difficulties ranging from delays in responsiveness and decision making to a lack of unified issue resolution.

Moreover , where the role of software development manager is assigned without sufficient authority it may lead to inability to acquire true commitment for the deliverables.

Even a project with a well-documented robust project management process may not actually allow the project manager to execute the stated authority over the scope, budget or end-to-end management of priorities or the resources on the project. The function then becomes primarily administrative ,support , handling facilitation, tracking and coordination, leaving a void in the management of the project. Occasionally,it becomes difficult where the team members are unable to identify or name the “one” in charge.

Software product development may face the risk of the project management due to the scope being under-estimated. Although further definition typically increases the scope and complexity for a project, allowance for the unknowns may be inadequate or missing. Then, because the change is seen as a clarification rather than outright scope addition, extending the date first estimated is not agreed to. As a result, once the full detail is known and implemented, it is likely to be late and over budget. From

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