Importance of mobile app analytics

After you have finished developing your mobile app, what next? The next step should be to obtain and engage new users and generate revenue. But the question is, how are you going to do that? Data by mobile app analytics can help you to make your app more profitable and more discoverable.

Part of the reason why app analytics play such an important role in boosting the performance of an app is that it's actually much more personalized that other relevant channels. It is able to reveal to you vital information that range from session time to bounce as well as geo-location factors and the specific activities that your users did while using your app.

App analytics help you to gather accurate data to better serve your customers. The analytics allows you to gain insight into customer data to better serve them across all lifestyle stages. Gathering a huge bulk of users quickly and then slowly becoming villain in their eyes simply because you haven't listened to them is the unfortunate fate for many apps.

Apps marketing strategies focused on delivering long -term results cannot solely focus on acquiring users, they also have to focus on customer retention by ensuring a constantly upgraded and improved-upon user experience. Some of app downloads and purchases are only used once, with customers quickly leaving and never coming back to open the app again. So, receiving customer specific feedback and addressing the right issues can be important to increasing engagement.

App analytics allows you to drive personalized, customer focused marketing. Through the analytics, creating an individually targeted customer experience has become possible. Customer targeted push messages delivered to specific people can make your app open rates double in a short period of time and can convert up to three times better than generic push messages. App analytics working with your marketing campaigns can help you win back churned customers with targeted messages and experience.

App analytics also let you to track individual and group achievements of marketing goals from campaigns. Integrating app analytics gives you a whole new set of customer data to learn from. Now more than ever before app marketers can gain insight around individuals and small groups of customers completing specific, directed tasks within the app and the possibility to capitalize on this knowledge is endless. App analytics work in the background to enhance and optimize your app marketing efforts, allowing you to achieve better growth and happier customers. From

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