Importance of mobile app security

Mobile app security involves a comprehensive solution for the mobile applications running on the mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It is usually intended to protect personal or enterprise data stored in these devices. It also involves looking at the major threat areas and what the hackers want to accomplish. It is good for the people downloading your app, but unfortunately, not everyone who downloads your app has good intentions.

In fact some people have decidedly malicious intentions and you won't know that your app is in harm until the damage is done. Public app stores are veritable playground for the attackers. Attackers can reverse engineer virtually any app they download from a public app store. This allows the attacker to determine how an app runs and do any number of things to wreak havoc. For example, they can use a code that enables them to steal user's credentials and then trick them into downloading and installing the modified version.

These attacks can have devastating effects. Users data can be stolen, putting businesses at risk of regulatory compliance violations and bad publicity, therefore you need to ensure that your mobile app is protected from these attacks, in order to avoid the financial fraud, which can lead to lost revenue.

Mobile app security is also important to avoid the loss of customers and the shareholders trust, which have the eventual impact on the brand reputation. If the attack goes on long enough, your business can sustain irreplaceable damage. This mobile app security enables the enterprise to have the assurance of working and developing their business since the applications are secure from potential danger.

The mobile app security therefore increases the operational efficiency, addresses compliance requirements, reduces risk and improves trust between a business and the users. Public security breaches and compliance violations severely tarnish the reputation of an enterprise and make potential users wary of trusting the business services. Implementing effective application security is a worthwhile investment. From

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