Ways to Market Your New Business on Little or No Money

Ways to Market Your New Business on Little or No Money

If you have ever been in business then you understand very well the challenges or the trouble that comes with bringing your customers through the door.
It’s hard to market without money or the know-how. Knowledge of the market is key to a successful marketing campaign.
If you’re an entrepreneur, you need a good understanding of the market in order to be in a position of convincing your prospects into potential customers. You may also need to retain the customers you already have.
You need skills and knowledge to market your start up business and at the same time retain the customers that you have.

“It’s hard to get customers, but it’s even harder to retain them”.

No matter the kind of business you run, the following ideas can help you pull in customers. The plan is to entice potential customers to inquire about your new business.
- Invent a viral hashtag

Social Media is key to your marketing in today’s world. Most people are using social media and thus this creates a good place where business owners can access their potential customers.
Some of the Social Media platforms which customers use to discover new brands and products to include the following:
- Facebook
- Instagram and
- Twitter

A business that invents a trendy hashtag can become the social-media darling everyone wants to patronize. You may come up with either a controversial hashtag or a sensual one.

  • Guest-post for free

You can extend your reach by seeking out and contacting top online publications in your industry. Offer to guest-post in exchange for having your name and business featured in their bio. This will expose your content to a larger audience and direct more attention to your website or preferred platforms.

  • Meet new customers at events.

Because people are curious about new businesses and what these companies have to offer, attending events can be incredibly beneficial. Moreover, events often offer the opportunity to meet journalists and secure some much-needed press.

  • Use Facebook ads to reach customers.

Facebook ads are an effective means to reach new customers. Even better, these ads are cheap. Start with a daily budget of Ksh.500 and target a very specific audience to keep your costs down.

  • Offer workshops.

Workshops bring you face-to-face with potential customers. Use these events to share your professional expertise. Surely, there are aspects of your business you can tap into to connect with people on this level.

  • Post a video review of your product.

A number of platforms feature video or livestreaming content options to help you educate prospective customers about your products. Facebook Live videos are trending. One of this platform's benefits: Viewers can comment and give feedback in real time. While they're seeing you live, they're beginning to develop a relationship with you and your brand.

Marketing your business doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. With creative thinking and a few tips in this article, you can grow your business more quickly.

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