How poor planning can lead to failure of a software development project

Poor planning in project management is the no. one mistake that leads to the software development failure. Planning is the first step for you to make before you begin your software development process. Planning should be your first priority. Planning ranges from time management, definition of the project objectives, budget set out, support from the stakeholder, etc.
Through poor time management, the members will have no clear picture of what is expected of them as they work on it. The time estimates of the software development process leads to its failure in that there would be no deadlines to meet and the project will not be completed on time and the result will be a shoddy work done.

Poor and unclear definitions of the software project perspectives can lead to its failures. The aim of the project is set out at the onset of planning for the project. therefore , if the planning ids not done right, the team members will not know what exactly they are working on and this will make them not to work efficiently for the project. Their productivity and output will be very low, leading to the failure of the project.

At the planning stage, the budget is required for the project and the means in which the funds will be sort to st out. Poor planning will result to the budget being left out of the project main agenda. Poor estimation of the funds that will be used can also lead to the software project failures. From Trendpro Systems Ltd

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