Artificial Intelligence in creating a better world

Some people are afraid of Artificial Intelligence and end up asking whether they are going to lose their jobs. This is not the case because it can change our ways of working to our overall benefit when used appropriately. It will increase productivity and create new types of jobs, allowing humans to do more meaningful work. To make sure that everyone benefits, businesses need to invest in education to re skill their workers to work with smart machines.

Today AI has potential to change the world not just businesses. It starts with the leaders across industries seeing the potential investing in AI and critically training their workers to get the most out of human - machine collaboration. This is a huge change for organizations and HR must be at the center of this behavioral and cultural mindset shift. With its ability to extract insights from massive amounts of data - much of it unstructured, such as free from text, images and speech. AI helps us pinpoint where to take action. With the ability to learn from every patient treatment,social work case or environmental impact assessment, AI helps us to identify patterns that can lead to early intervention and potentially widespread improvement.

A cross social services, education, health, public safety and environments progress on social issues interconnected. By encouraging transparency across agencies and organizations where permitted across disparate data sources, AI solutions can facilitate collaboration and enable better outcomes. It is hard to imagine a role that won't eventually be using AI technology while it may automate some aspects of work, we expect AI-like other transformative technologies from the steam engine to the internet -will ultimately create more jobs. We need to focus on preparing more people with the technology skills need to partner effectively with these systems . From Trendpro Systems Ltd

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