How Chatbots are redefining customer experience.

Chatbots have been an excellent resource for companies trying to connect with customers on the go. Many people are not inclined to give up personal information or download additional apps, Numerous companies have turned to chatbots to connect with customers where they spend most of their time. The chatbots are not merely a replacement for your help desk. They are fundamentally altering the way companies deliver the best customer experience.

Businesses recognize the need to connect with customers instantaneously. As consumers continue to embrace automated self service, businesses are becoming aware of its benefits. It is clear that AI-powered chatbots have the ability to significantly improve customer support by means of providing instantaneous gratification. Many companies see a significant decrease in ticket volume to the effect of common queries handled by chatbots and seamlessly posed onto a human whenever necessary. Agent time is freed up for more complex issues and customers are happier. They do not have to deal with long wait-time, instead they are offered immediate assistance. Timely engagement at the right customer touch points have resulted in businesses seeing up to 30% increase in profits.

While traditional chat interactions are hosted on brand sites to facilitate customer service between a human agent and the customers, chatbots are hosted on a messaging platform, are AI powered, and fill needs far beyond customer service inquiries. Chatbots can even respond to customer queries posed by voice, text, or images and can manage a group conversation as customers invite their friends to the chat. Narrowing the scope of a chatbot to a single purpose is an important step towards creating a helpful , rather than frustrating interactions. Quick reply buttons can help customers navigate the chatbot and educate them on what the features and functionality of the bot are. Chatbots are still an emerging technology, but they are quickly taking root and it wont take them long to mature. From Trendpro Systems Ltd

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