How to avoid software development project failure

Even with many factors contributing to the failure of a software project, there are still ways to ensure the success of a project by analyzing and identifying those issues and work towards them. However most businesses fail to analyze and identify these issues, rather tend to overlook them, as they are deeply engrossed in the whole software development process. You will agree that executing large software projects and ensuring its success is easier said than done. Recent research has shown that 70% of software development companies suffer at least one project failure within one year of the project commencement.

There are many ways to solve the challenges leading to the software development projects failure. As a client, ensure your developer comprehends the information correctly. Many projects fail or get challenged because of the developer’s incompetence. Apart from just giving the requirements to the developer, check whether he/she is posing proper and precise questions which eventually help him or her understand the project. You can also avoid the failure of your software development by estimating proper time and the budget frames. Once you sure that the outsourced developer has a firm grip over the requirements and the nature of the software project, expect a genuine timeline from them. This will make sure that you do not have to run around crazy behind them on agreed timelines. Avoid developers who keep on changing timelines, which implies that they have failed to gauge the project in its entirety. Moreover check whether you are clear with the proposed project costing. Ensure that the costing. Ensure that the costing is purely based on the nature and complexity of the project and not just the assumptions. Also be very clear in drawing clauses on future cost changes etc ;in case you are working with a third party or software outsourcing vendor.

Furthermore, check if your developer can come up with clean design and execution plan. Software project planning and road map designing is key, and if you that the developer is jumping directly to coding anticipating early roll outs, be careful as it could lead to disaster. Check also whether your developer seeks your participation in the phase of the development process. If they are failing to do so, you could be staring at a challenged or failed software development project. End-users’ perspective is a vital ingredient of your software project and clear areas must be defined where the feedback of the users is required.

Ensure also that code testing at all pre-decided milestones and progress review is part of development process. Also guarantee that the project head is always ready with a clean working source. Most developers fail to do this and wait till the end to test the whole project at one go, which may cause serious issues with respect to code or module integration. Testing should never take a backseat; ensure that your developer gives testing an equal importance. Trendpro Systems Ltd

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