Trends driving chatbots growth.

The smart conversational behavior of chatbot has come to delight the user. The rise of chatbot is fueled by the by the surge of messaging platforms that have been refined conversations with the services and businesses. With the messaging app fast progress into the platform of future, chatbots are not far behind. About 756% of business are planning to incorporate chatbots by the year 2020. What is driving this shift towards chatbot? Below are some of the factors triggering shift towards chatbots:

Surge of messaging apps. People are using messaging apps more than they use social networks. Messaging apps make it easy for brands to converse and build a relationship with the target audience and gain traction. Chatbots have entered the messaging mainstream, become trendy and pervasive.The chatbots are emerging as a tool for having one-on-one conversations.

Chatbots are also lightweight in the context of messaging platforms; they are easy to create and promote user interactions. They have reduced friction, allowing users to reduce time realizing their needs and wants.The chatbot rush is further fueled by their ability to afford easier engagement, easier discovery and installation. Chatbots ability to respond well to users intent and their “always on” nature keeps the user excited. The chatbots are marching ahead to become the next prevident form of communication. In a world rich in being closed with the chatbot, they bring a human touch to user conversations with the machines.

Another reason why chatbots are growing so fast is because of human touch they have. Chatbots are built to serve different purposes. No matter what you make chatbots for, it brings the human touch and is more personal. Chatbots speak to the user in his terms, responds to the user by changing tack based on the input given on the other side. The user feels special when a human-personified chatbots is devoted to the user, being there to assist him wherever and whenever the user wants. Trendpro Systems Ltd

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