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Do you have hard time justifying your time spent on social media to your clients? If so, it might be because you are not selling the full range social media benefits for the small business or startup. If you show your clients how they can use social media to get ahead of their competition, they suddenly start paying attention. Social media is great for building awareness and engagement with current and potential customers. But what are the benefits beyond that?

Social media marketing is no longer optional for the small business in 2018. First create profiles on multiple platforms. I hear all the time people say, “we are on Facebook” This is heading the business to the right direction. However Facebook alone won’t be enough to maximize your reach. You need to establish a presence on as many social platforms as possible. Less than half of small businesses use Instagram, You Tube, Twitter to market their brands. Less than ⅓ of small business owners are taking advantage of LinkedIn and Facebook is still the fastest growing social network. So it's not going anywhere in near future.

After you create a Facebook page, you need to determine which other channels are suitable for your brand and marketing strategy. I would recommend creating a YouTube channel. The video content you upload to YouTube will be easy to respond for your other marketing channels. These videos will give you an excuse to post content on other platforms when you are running low on ideas.

Second, you need to define your marketing goals. You can't just blindly start posting content on social media without some sort of rhyme or reason. Before you do anything else, you need to identify your marketing goals. While lead generation, brand awareness and customer engagement are all good reasons to use social media, it does not mean these should be yours. You may be using social media to provide better customer service or directly drive sales.

Posting content on daily basis is another way to market your small business on social media. You need to post to post new content that will appear on your followers’ homepages and timelines. Lastly, you need to give the consumers a reason to follow you. In order to have a successful social media marketing strategy for small business, you need to have lots of followers. Otherwise, nobody is going to see your content. Once you are able to grow your social following, it will be easier for you to convert your followers into customers. From Trendpro Systems Ltd

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