Digitalization in business

Digitalization in business

Digitalization is simply the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities. Just think of how Uber doesn’t own any cars yet it is currently the leading taxi company in the world.
This goes to all business owners out there; small or large businesses. The expectations of customers in this era of digital technology are high. Most customers nowadays expect you to provide seamless user experience throughout the buyer journey. Although they will not say it straight to your face, trust me if your competitor is offering better services, they will dump you without batting an eye.
For instance:
- Round the-clock customer support
- Instant product delivery
- Immediate feedback on queries and
- Personalized treatment

To meet such high customer expectations, most companies re-invent their business processes, including reducing the amount of paperwork required, cutting the number of steps required and developing automated decision-making among others thus reaping huge benefits.
The benefits are not only limited to the big players but small business also have much to gain from digitalizing their process. For example, an electronic retailer invested on an ecommerce website that enabled his customers to know instantly whether a particular electronic model was in stock- saving time for both the customer and the sales team. The e-Commerce website which also works as a salesman 24/7, allows him to increase sales without increasing personnel costs.
There are various signs that may prompt you to digitize your business such as;

  • Your Business is Not Mobile Friendly

Look around, almost everyone is on phone, most of these people are either looking up for something to buy online. There are so many e-commerce websites nowadays such as Jumia and PigiaMe which have taken the advantage of the many mobile devices that people are using. If your business is not mobile-friendly, you need to adjust and create a mobile friendly business. Your customers need to be able to access your business online; create social media accounts and a website for your business. Your customers will be able to check out new products as well as prices of your products or services with much ease.

  • It’s very expensive to reach your customer support

Telecommunication companies like Safaricom & the recently rebranded Telkom Kenya have invested in methods that allow their customers to reach out via social media platforms, email, SMSs and phone calls. Smaller companies are leveraging social media to keep close to their customers ensuring they have the best customer experience possible for free. Having both social media accounts and a website has proven quite effective for small businesses that do not wish to spend a fortune on customer support

  • You don’t have an Online Presence

If you Google your business right now and nothing familiar shows up, that means you are in deep trouble. This is the age of information. Customers are searching for information about products and services before they make a decision, reason why it makes so much sense to have a website where prospects can find credible information about your business and products.

  • Too Much Paper Work

It was mentioned earlier that your customers have options. None of them expect to be asked the same questions over and over again, instead they expect you to automate access to all their data. If you are still using pen and paper to record all this data you are going to have a tough time ‘automatically’ recalling all the data. You can save yourself some headaches and do away with the paper-work. Invest in a database. Make your information easily accessible from anywhere.

You don’t expect digitalizing of your business to be a walk in the park, it takes some time and effort. Nowadays, even the movie vendors have a website for their small businesses. At Trendpro Systems, we help businesses, both big and small to digitalize their processes by providing web design and mobile app development services. If you need a website for you business, Just talk to us.

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