Blockchain revolution in banking

Today, blockchains are on the tip of everyone's tongue. Blockchain technology today has an exceptional influence on the world of finance, e-commerce and trade, and collectively it has shifted the paradigms of bankers and economists. Banks have been around for hundreds of years; they have survived countless wars and revolutions. The blockchain is a system that brings total and complete privacy and efficiency to every user simultaneously. While banks have a tradition of total control of how money is transferred and stored in our lives, the blockchain is offering better alternatives with incentives that no bank can match.

Blockchain in the e-commerce platform makes it a lucrative and imperative addition to finance. Blockchains allow instant transactions at a more user- friendly cost. That is, it provides services at a personal level, while maintaining secrecy and privacy, yet cutting the middleman out of the picture. For example, if you use a blockchain to order food, the service would be like this: You will be given a menu first, each food with a different cost and you choose appropriately.Once the food is brought to you, the blockchain would generate a bill, with remarkably lower prices than the contemporary service because the middleman would not be available to charge their share. The service would be more user friendly, because its based on the user reviews.

The blockchain is quicker than banks when transferring currency and assets. For a simple overseas transfer, the minimum time can range from 1-3 days when carried out by banks.We accept such a delay as necessary, but the blockchain means that this does not have to happen; a typical transaction on blockchain can be as quick as just a few hours at most. Blockchain is also unbelievably secure systems. It would take a whole article to show how secure it is, so to suffice it to say that you can forget about anyone stealing your funds or assets. The blockchain transactions are more secure compared to the bank transactions. From Trendpro Systems Ltd

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