How chatbots are shaping on-demand service apps

A chatbot is a computer program designed to stimulate communication with human users, especially over the internet. Today chatbots are renewing the way businesses interact with customers.

By offering instant, on-demand assistance,chatbots are fostering engagement between the brands and their customers. Research has shown that many brands are finding out that mobile applications are not delivering the level of adoption and customer engagement as they are expected. This is due to cost for support, maintenance, upgrade,customer care and marketing. These brands are now are now investing to build presence in consumer messaging apps e.g facebook messenger and whatsapp to reach customers where they spend a high percentage of time.

Chatbots are booming. Billions of smartphone users have access over the top messaging apps to communicate today. On demand service apps are embracing this chatbot model to improve customer engagement approach to cater for its wide user base. By building chatbots for these on- demand service apps, businesses are expanding their reach and engagement with consumers of their services.

The potential chatbots and their ability to mimic conversations and set engagements (just like humans), they can either be a promising support or a substitute for on-demand service apps. The secret behind the success of on-demand service apps is making assets (food, transport, etc) reach the customers as soon as possible, while giving a complete visibility of order status.
An order cycle for on-demand apps managed via chatbots include placing orders, order confirmation, provide offers and discounts, get feedback, service assistance through answering frequently asked questions, resolving complaints, providing anytime assistance etc. This has been the prime motive of businesses behind leveraging chatbot services on these on-demand service apps. From Trendpro Systems Ltd

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