Why on- demand service apps fail

Have you ever been too busy to manage simple tasks like cooking dinner? Yes, this happens to all of us. Today we are living in a dynamic world that sometimes we wonder how we find time to sleep. Our Smartphones today help us obtain the desired services right at the door. This is possible through on-demand service apps. On-demand service apps act as a mediator between the customers and providers of different services. Instead of spending time and effort for receiving what they want, users prefer to pay a small fee for a faster convenient procedure offered by these type of apps. Some of the on-demand service apps include food, delivery,healthcare, fitness, beauty etc.

However some of these on-demand service apps fail. This is because some of them are being something they are not. Some pretty on-demand service app companies, which consider themselves as either customer databases or logistic companies , view their success in the ability to provide customer data to other parties instead of focusing on the services they provide to customers. Other companies in the on-demand space decide to compete with their partners in the attempt to take the vertical, like warehousing, distribution, marketing and delivery.. This defeats the purpose of a lean on-demand service, while creating friction with those who could be resources and partners.

Forgetting the user engagement is another reason why on-demand service apps fail. You may have an unbelievable idea for a product, that has a single use case, however if the product isn’t engaging or does not have a multiple use cases, a consumer will likely forget about your product as it competes with others for mind share. This is not to say the product or service is not valuable, but you will have a difficult time building a true business with the product or service.

Poor relationships with the workers is another reason why the on-demand service apps fail. There are so many options for workers to find gigs. If your solution isn’t fulfilling the needs of the supply side, you are likely to lose workers. Generally pay is the number one factor-many companies make promises of “up to $30 per hour” but there is no guarantee and often the amount you make is much less. Second, people want to feel respected and valued. They want a sense of community and belonging and an opportunity to grow. On-demand service companies that forsake their supply for a focus on growing demand, find a lack of loyalty, increased churn and a poor overall experience for both sides of market. At Trendpro Systems Ltd , we focus on understanding our client’s requirements on their apps and build quality on-demand service apps for them to benefit from these applications.

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