Capture location specific data with SaapCRM

Capture location specific data with SaapCRM

Everything happens somewhere. Hence the increased need from decision makers to demand for data with a location tag on it. Presenting data spatially helps its stakeholders to understand not only what happens, but also where and in what context that event happened.

This location specific data has gained significance with the great improvements in mapping technology and Data Science that are providing new analytical capabilities that can reveal hidden patterns and correlations,create new efficiencies and increase productivity and potential.

Marketing agencies, marketing research companies, research companies and institutes, merchandising companies have in the past invested heavily in supervisors to lead field teams to ensure they collect data at the location they are required to. There’s also need for distribution and merchandising agents to know the location of their target outlets for them to optimally plan their distribution schedules via the shortest routes. Traditionally this has been hectic and in other cases impossible.

Having a real time location based mapping platform creates a framework for agile connectivity and the resulting insights endows us with opportunities to improve the quality of life not only for ourselves but our clients too. For example, a location can have multiple datasets associated with it(human activities data and the location’s natural features). Juxtaposing these datasets can reveal unique insights into the location, allowing you to analyze, map patterns and relationships to better understand their potential.

SaapCRM’ s interactive maps, driven by spatial analytics and real-time awareness is the language of WHERE. WHERE is increasingly becoming the language of commerce, governance, development and much more.

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