Creating Mobile-Friendly Lead Generation Forms

Creating Mobile-Friendly Lead Generation Forms

Making customers to be familiar with one’s products is by far the most important goal of online presence. The problem is that when dealing with mobile traffic, you are limited to small screens and mobile device functionality. You only have one chance to make a good impression, yet you have to get your message across, thus posing as a challenge. Mobile traffic is rapidly increasing, in the past three years, the number of mobile-connected devices exceeded the world’s population. There will be close to 12 billion mobile users by the year 2019. With mobile currently representing 65% of all digital media time, it’s indeed a crucial marketing platform, both for small businesses and large companies. With mobile email opens increasing by 180% in the last three years, it is therefore true to say that mobile optimization is very important.

There are various ways of creating a mobile-friendly lead generation form.
- Keeping it simple
- Avoiding being aggressive
- Through the use of tools

In all the steps of the mobile-friendly design process, keep things simple. Lead generation forms are already running the risk of being crowded and over stimulating. They can take focus from the general UI of the website or even act against the intuitive nature of gesture movements and brand choices.

In creating the first version of your form, try and keep a fresh perspective, as though you were a user who had never seen it before.
Do you find the form cumbersome?
Does it look good and clean?
Is the information well organized and easy to understand?
Is there a step you wouldn't have needed explained, or that was redundant?

Simplify the forms based on these questions, until you get the best one. Remember, having too many sales prompts can really work against you. No one wants to be aggressively sold to. If you put in too many overlay purchase reminders, you are not likely to get those sales. The user will probably just leave and find an alternative that doesn't invade their headspace. Keep in mind that pop-up calls-to-action may affect your mobile rankings too.
To have a better mobile-friendly form, you need to use various tools, here are some tools for better-performing mobile lead generation forms.

  • Google Mobile-Friendly Test: To run a quick preview of how your web page looks on mobile device.
  • Business monitoring dashboard using a tool like Cyfe to monitor mobile traffic and conversions.
  • Set up mobile-only lead generation forms using tools like Hellobar or Sumo. Are your lead generation forms performing well on mobile devices? It's time to test!

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