Exceptional Customer Journey

Exceptional Customer Journey

Have you ever visited a newly established grocery store eager to have a new shopping experience? Take that experience, whereby you’re looking for a particular product let’s say milk and all you see are piles and more piles of cheese despite all the signs in the store! After all that frustration, you may end up deciding to check it out on the same store’s website to see if you will be “lucky” there. Failure to find what you were looking for will lead to you leaving that particular store and promising never to return.

In today’s world, and especially in the tech-world, a digital customer journey doesn’t just stop at the website. Instead it spans across multiple types of communication methods from email and chat boxes to social media and apps. We have oodles of opportunities to interact with each other and make a lasting impression. In the physical world a store owner can interact one on one with the buyer. They can visually see a person’s reaction to a product, display, or event. They are present, in the here and now, and they can receive customer feedback.
This provides invaluable data and allows the seller to optimize and fine tune their processes. In the digital world, where we cannot see anything, and where we use alternative methods to gain feedback, the whole process of selling becomes more involved and difficult. Google Analytics provides some feedback for us and while some of the reports are amazing, they are data based and they lack the emotional factor. They are a good starting point, but they are very limited.

The customer journey can span across multiple types of communication channels. With a little effort, we can obtain feedback from a number of different locations:
- Search engine results click through rates
- Website analytics like top pages, bounce rates, and exits Website inquiries
- Website offer response rates
- Emails
- Social media shares, likes, and comments
- Customer reviews
- User interviews
- Surveys and polls

The trick is to monitor this feedback, analyze it, and take action to improve the customer journey. Responding to what your customers communicate to you is key to improving the customer experience.

And now, are you in need or know of a small or a large company in need of a website or a mobile application for both iOS and Android? At TrendPro Systems, we create the best responding websites and we have created quality mobile apps for our clients. It is worth the time to visit trendpro and check out some of our work.
The Customer experience for trendpro systems customers and clients is the best, we have mastered the art of both physical and digital customer journeys. There is no question on where to get the contacts or how to physically reach us, all that information is available on our website. All you do is call, text, email or WhatsApp. For more discussions on the type of service you want, meetings are scheduled and we understand schedule flexibility, so you don’t have to worry about that.
TrendPro System even offers you a service test period for the mobile app and website, to ensure that you pay for what you’re comfortable with. You can always find answers to all the questions you have concerning our services what you need. Email responses are almost instant to ensure that you’re well served.

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