3rd party costs to your app development.

Apart from the cost paid to a developer to develop your mobile or web applications, there are other 3rd party charges that need to be incurred for your application to be up and running. Normally, a developer might assume that the client knows about these charges and they may omit them from the quote only for the client to be aggrieved when the developer later tells them of the charges and how indispensable they are to the deployment of the application. Below, I highlight some of these costs to get the conversation started so that we are well informed about them and therefore we can plan and factor them into the costs of developing and maintaining our application.

For a start, your web applications need a domain name. This is the name which will uniquely identify your application on the internet. This name has to be registered so that no any other application goes by the same name.There is a registration fees associated with it known as the domain name registration fee which is about $10 annually. You can get a new domain name or one that has been in use for sometime. Without a domain name, your app will lacks identity.

Next we have a web hosting fee. Your web application just like a business needs to rent space to operate from, needs space in some online server to store its contents so that when people search for your app content, it can be pulled from that server and displayed on their browsers. As your landlord charges you rent, the online server owners require you to pay web hosting fees for your web application to remain online and accessible anytime. This fees is paid either monthly or annually and varies with the size of usage of your app resulting in different packages or plans that you can buy for your application.

For your mobile applications, they have their respective fees charged to host your application on their app stores so that they can be downloaded by anybody anywhere with access to their platform.

If your application needs the integration of APIs which give it the capabilities including those for payment gateways to allow in-app payments, SMS gateways such that your clients get SMS notification, email gateways so that your application can send emails and others, you need to pay some fees for this gateways services to be running in your mobile or web application.

Another charge you should put in mind is the cost of your application’s maintenance costs. Applications development is not a one time activity rather a process. After development, the application has to be tested continuously to fix bugs, the backend servers have to be maintained and there is need to modify it to include additional features as need may arise. These costs contribute significantly the lifetime cost of an application. While some development companies like TrendPro Systems Ltd provide up to three months free maintenance of projects they develop for you, the period after that has to be negotiated to a certain fee for them to keep your application up and running.

There are other unforeseen costs to developing your application and you can add yours on the comments below so that we fully understand, from a cost perspective, what the implication of developing that application means to us.

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